Lucille Education Solutions Consulting, LLC is a needed resource in all communities. They are helping Beulah Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA) bridge the gap between the needs of our students and the needs of our community by establishing a tutorial program where all students in the church and community benefit. Truly, they are aiding the church to make education one of its primary focuses. --Rev. Q. Bernard Driskell Assistant Minister/Youth Minister, Beulah Baptist Church Alexandria, VA

Lucille Education Solutions Consulting, LLC was very instrumental in conducting our annual financial boot camp for the middle school and high school students at First Mount Zion Baptist Church. The students were very engaged and the class was delivered in a professional yet fun manner. The parents and students both benefited from the information presented and we would definitely have Lucille Education Solutions Consulting, LLC back to do another workshop in the future.  --Mr. Jonathan Wright Money Smart Ministry Leader, First Mount Zion Baptist Church, Woodbridge, VA.

I would like to express my appreciation, on behalf of the Council for Opportunity in Education, for your insight and assistance in examining our campaign strategies for fundraising...We plan to adopt most of your proposed changes immediately.  --- Mr. Alvin Phillips Senior Vice President, Council for Opportunity in Education, Washington, DC