Who Are We?

We are a family-owned, start-up consulting firm specializing in establishing and improving educational activities at churches, with the goal of improving college readiness for students in middle and high school.  Our education consultants bring years of experience working in churches, nonprofits, and with middle and high school youth.   

Why Focus on Education?

Churches have historically been at the forefront of efforts to improve educational outcomes in the African American community.  Today, just two thirds of African American students nationally finish high school, and only 40% finish college within six years.  Churches not only serve the spiritual needs of its members, but have a duty to address the social conditions of its members and surrounding community.  This includes helping to improve the educational outcomes of youth and providing them with tools and experiences that will make them more competitive applicants to college.

What Services Can LESC Provide?

LESC provides consultation to churches in order to increase educational engagement and college attainment for middle and high school students.  We can help with:

-           Starting an effective education program (i.e.  

            tutoring, summer programs, etc.)

-           Improving existing educational programs

-           Teaching financial planning for college

-           Conducting workshops

The experienced staff at LESC can provide one-on-one consultation, specialized program advice tailored to the individual church’s needs, research-based solutions, and offer best practices.



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